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UPDATE on December 31, 2015:
I am now retired from my addictions advocacy/volunteer work. Roni Wakelin Power is the contact person for the SMART Recovery Family meeting:

Please contact her for up-to-date meeting information. 

Please note: If you are the person struggling with addiction, you can find more information about SMART Recovery meetings for you by clicking here.

Hello there!

Roni Wakelin Power and I (Rose Barbour) are pleased to announce that we have changed our 3 C’s Family Support group to a SMART Recovery Family & Friends group. We spent the summer reviewing the program and got really excited about it. We took the steps to become Family & Friends facilitators so that we could bring this evidence-based program to Island families.  

SMART Recovery Family & Friends helps those who are affected by a loved one’s addiction. It is a science-based, secular alternative to Al-Anon and Johnson Intervention. The program is based on the tools of SMART Recovery and CRAFT (Community Reinforcement Approach & Family Training).

CRAFT is an alternative to Al-Anon's 12-Step tradition and detachment recommendations and the Johnson Institute's confrontational interventions, the CRAFT program is based on non-confrontational and proven behavioural principles like finding and rewarding positive behaviours. It is a program congruent with SMART Recovery.

Families can learn to change their interactions with their loved one, which in turn changes the loved one's behaviour. In repeated clinical trials, CRAFT's approach proved twice as likely as the Johnson intervention and six times as likely as Al-Anon to get a loved one into treatment.

With CRAFT, arranging for one's own safety and finding a happier life for one's self takes priority. Getting a loved one to moderate, choose sobriety, or go into treatment are then offered as roads to a better relationship.

Please come out and get the support you need in a confidential atmosphere.

Roni Power

Meetings will be held:

Tuesdays at 7:00 pm
Reach Centre, 223 Mason Road, Stratford

Your loved one can learn more about our 
SMART Recovery meetings by clicking here!

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