Tuesday, 23 April 2013

I Hate Addiction

After a 24-hour emotional roller coaster that ended with my body going into shock, this is what I have to say about addiction:

I hate addiction! I really, really hate addiction.

I hate the way it sneaks in to ruin a good day.

I hate the way it hijacks good people.

I hate the way it takes kids from their parents.

I hate the way it takes parents from their kids.

I hate the way it is misunderstood and ignored while many of us suffer its effects.

I hate seeing so many families being destroyed.

I hate seeing young people become zombies looking for their next fix in order to function.

I hate the pain that comes from watching an addicted loved one slowly kill himself.

I hate how powerless I am while it continues to claim my child.

I hate that my friend has a son on life support because of this disease.

I hate that some of my friends have watched their children relapse over the past few weeks.

I hate that people have died so young because they couldn't find recovery from it.

I hate going into shock because my body is protecting itself from the emotional roller coaster called addiction.

I hate hearing how many billions of dollars pharmaceutical companies are making in the wake of the devastation that they caused to my family and others.

I hate addiction.

Written by: Rose Barbour