Tuesday, 23 April 2013

I Hate Addiction

After a 24-hour emotional roller coaster that ended with my body going into shock, this is what I have to say about addiction:

I hate addiction! I really, really hate addiction.

I hate the way it sneaks in to ruin a good day.

I hate the way it hijacks good people.

I hate the way it takes kids from their parents.

I hate the way it takes parents from their kids.

I hate the way it is misunderstood and ignored while many of us suffer its effects.

I hate seeing so many families being destroyed.

I hate seeing young people become zombies looking for their next fix in order to function.

I hate the pain that comes from watching an addicted loved one slowly kill himself.

I hate how powerless I am while it continues to claim my child.

I hate that my friend has a son on life support because of this disease.

I hate that some of my friends have watched their children relapse over the past few weeks.

I hate that people have died so young because they couldn't find recovery from it.

I hate going into shock because my body is protecting itself from the emotional roller coaster called addiction.

I hate hearing how many billions of dollars pharmaceutical companies are making in the wake of the devastation that they caused to my family and others.

I hate addiction.

Written by: Rose Barbour


  1. Your words describe exactly how I feel as I struggle to deal with having two opiate addicted children. It has been the most difficult time of my life and not being able to speak openly about it is so hard. Both of my children's boyfriends are also addicts as well as many of their friends. I am watching their young lives disintegrate around me and have never felt so helpless. I'll pray for your son and your friend's son.

    1. It nearly killed me to keep it all inside. When I started to talk about it, I found a whole network of parents - good parents - who are dealing with this nightmare as well. I pray that you will have the courage to reach out to someone you can trust. It is therapeutic to know that you are not alone. If you ever wish to contact me, please send me an email at behindtheaddiction@gmail.com. I want you to know that I NEVER repeat what is shared with me in confidence by parents. I know all too well how painful this journey is. Rose Barbour

  2. Hi Rose. This whole thing of addictions is certainly something to be concerned about. I am 57 years old now and my children are grown. I have found in my life that a right relationship with God has made all the difference for me. God can heal all. My CD Broad Road may be a source of inspiration to some. It can be heard at www.reverbnation.com/petermacdougall

    1. Thank you, Peter. I believe I spoke to your father last night? He is a lovely, kind man. My faith is what gets me through all of this. I will check out your CD. Thank you.

  3. This journey is long and hard.. as a mother who has a young person with an addiction I agree to those hates..you know, I actually hate to hear the name of the drugs or to see them in pill form. I hate to see what an epidemic these meds have caused and how they have been passed out and have been abused by the very professionals that perscribe them and by our government who has allowed this to happen.I hate that we are so misunderstood as family's dealing with addiction and I hope we find some answers. Glad to see you "get it all out" because you DESERVE to be HEARD!!!!!

    1. This journey can only be described as a nightmare. There are many of us out there fighting for our kids and other loved ones who are addicted. What is offered to them is not acceptable. Together, we are a stronger voice for change. Thank you for this post.


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