Saturday, 18 May 2013

Pray for Me

Son:   “Pray for me”
Me:    “I always do” 

This is the exchange I had with my son last night as he was preparing to go to detox today. This is the first time he’s asked me to pray for him. The meaning of that is significant. He wants help. He needs help. He deserves help.

The prayer he asked for was that he would receive some type of treatment right away so that he can get his life back. He knows that there are wait times for the Strength program, and waiting lists for everything else. Even though the odds are greatly stacked against him, he feels in his heart that it will be different this time. That he will be offered something. I asked him why he felt that way. He said that he doesn’t know why. He just does. Dear God, I pray that he is right.

I believe in the power of prayer. My faith is what keeps me going in this difficult journey of addiction. If you could include my son in your prayers today, I would appreciate it.



  1. I will pray that your son gets treatment right after detox. The provision of treatment for addictions should be viewed no differently than providing treatment for diabetes, heart disease, cancer and any other disease. To ignore this problem because there is "choice" involved makes no sense, especially since many diseases have life style and choice connections. It would not be tolerated by society if treatment was refused for these diseases.

    I so hope that everything works out for your son. He should be able to go to his family doctor and get help. Every general practictioner should be trained in prescribing suboxone.

    1. Thank you! The government seems to finally be paying attention to this epidemic and the lack of treatment programs. I pray that the investment will be made so that things will get better for my son and the many others who are battling this disease.

    2. I forgot to say that I agree with you that every general practitioner should be trained in prescribing suboxone. I think they should also be trained in prescribing methadone too. It will take some of the pressure off of Addiction Services and addicts will have better access to a variety of treatment options. One size does not fit all when fighting any disease. What works for one, won't work for another. This is why they need readily available options.

    3. I will pray Rose, i pray for the recovering.those who are still struggling to finf there way,those who are in the dark n too scared for help, tonight special prayers for your son.......

  2. Rose I will also pray for your Son along with all others who struggle day to day.


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