Sunday, 7 September 2014

Friends of the Heart

Friends of the Heart

By: Rose Barbour

Millions of tears shed
Her heart is broken in two
She’s feeling all alone
Wondering what to do.

The pain is so great
She can hardly breathe
This can’t be her life
She just wants to scream.

With hardly any energy left
And hope all but gone
She finds a group of mothers
And a place where she belongs.

She reads what they post
And cries some more tears
These people understand
She’s so glad to be here.

Knowing she is not alone
She starts to feel brave
She tells her story about addiction
And the child she’s trying to save.

As tears fall down her cheeks
She sees words on the screen
Loving support from strangers
People she’s never seen.

With each passing day
She can feel her heart mend
As she gets the help she needs
From these strangers, now friends.

She is grateful for these women
Who so generously give
Thanks to their love
She’s found her will to live.

Some of them are in her town
Others are miles apart
The location doesn’t matter
They are friends of the heart.


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