Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas

On this Christmas Eve I am feeling so much joy that it makes me teary-eyed. I am walking around singing Christmas carols and enjoying the true spirit of the season. My mind is free of worry and my heart is full of happiness because all three of our kids are healthy this Christmas. We want for nothing. We have everything. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring but that’s okay. All I have is right now and we are feeling blessed today…..very blessed.

If I had some type of magic wand that I could wave I would give this gift of peace and joy to you as well, but I don’t. I know that there are so many hurting hearts out there and it weighs heavily on me. I had one for years and there was no singing of carols or feelings of joy at Christmas time….there was just existing and trying to make it through the day with a smile. I understand how you feel.

Without that magic wand, all I can offer you this Christmas is my love and support whether you are the individual struggling with addiction or the person who loves someone who is. I can also give you my promise that I will not leave you behind. Like any good soldier in battle (and this is a battle), I will stay right beside you and continue to fight for more services, raise awareness, build compassion, and educate so that every individual and family has an opportunity to get well. I KNOW that recovery is possible for each and every person. There are no hopeless cases. Never give up! Keep your hope alive.

Merry Christmas to all the wonderful visitors to this blog, and many warm wishes for a Healthy and Happy New Year.



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