Thursday, 11 February 2016

If love was enough

If love was enough
By Rose Barbour

My mother wasn’t June Cleaver
She wasn’t meant to be
My childhood wasn’t perfect
But I knew she loved me.

Her laughter would light up a room
She was understanding and kind
She had a beautiful heart of gold
With a serious illness intertwined.

There were times she fought so hard
To keep her sickness at bay
At other times she buckled
And struggled to find her way.

If love was enough to save her
She’d be here with us today
Instead we’ve said good-bye
Because addiction doesn’t work that way.

She loved us and we loved her
But her battle has been lost
Like so many others before her
She paid the highest cost.

A beautiful soul with a loving heart
Has now been laid to rest
With aching hearts we will miss her
Cause our mom was the best.

Written with love for a dear family friend who lost her mother way too soon.

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