Sunday, 29 September 2013

Prostitution on PEI

While we are tucked safely in our beds at night, there are others who are walking around, almost zombie- like, in complete desperation.  This is about them.... 

A life of hell with no escape. The pain is beginning to set in. The withdrawals are unbearable. The cold and lonely streets are unforgiving. Compassion will not be found here. At least not tonight.

In the darkness, they drive up in their family cars. Willing to pay cash. The very cash that will take away the pain. Take away the withdrawals.

A desperate young woman. Teenager or slightly more.  Looks into the eyes of a man who is old. Old enough to be her father or grandfather. Does she know him? He looks familiar.  She is so desperate. Needs to stop the pain.

Money exchanges hands. Sexual encounter is had. Man goes on his way. Girl feels bad. Feels dirty. Needs to feel better. Finds her dealer. She numbs the pain. Later, she’ll do it all over again. 

As sad as the above scenario is, it happens right here in Charlottetown (and I am sure in other places as well). I know people – reliable sources – who have been solicited. This is very real and it is a complete tragedy on so many levels.

While I can’t say for sure that street prostitution is everywhere on PEI, I know that young women and men everywhere on the Island are selling their bodies in exchange for drugs. We may not see it, but it is happening.

Young women are also being offered up as payment for drug debt by their small time dealer to his much bigger dealer. She is powerless. She is caught up in something too big for her to get out of on her own.

Prostitution at all levels will continue to grow if we do not adequately address addiction treatment on PEI. We have to demand better treatment services so that young men and women can get off the streets, and into a life that is both productive and rewarding. We need to be their voices until such time that they find their own. If we don’t fight for them, who will?

Please speak to your MLA about addiction treatment. Please don’t turn a blind eye.


NOTE:  The purpose of this blog entry is not to provide specific details about where these young women can be located. You may not see them, but they are there. They are discreet. I have no intentions of putting them further in harm’s way nor exposing them in any way. This is no joke and I take their safety and well-being very seriously, which is why I wrote about their plight. I hope to wake people up, and pray that they find their compassion for their fellow human beings, especially youth who need us. I want these young people to get the help they need with their addictions so that they can have the lives they deserve.  We – responsible, caring individuals –  need to take a stand for better treatment options to help them get well.

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  1. can you say Fox's ?? everyone knows about the service have for ages but nothing is ever done.

  2. The cops don't really seem to give a shit, about any of it, they maybe sort of do. But my god, most of it all happens right under their noses, they must be blind, or not have eyes, or be retarded, not sure which, maybe all of it.

  3. Nothing can be done because prostitution isn't and never has been illegal in Canada.

  4. at least they are not stealing

  5. sounds like you just made that up, go talk to a real prostitute and then post her story, maybe then someone will listen, not trying to be a dick but ive never seen any women on any corners here

    1. Thank you for your post. I can assure you that I do not make things up. Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it isn't happening.

    2. I believe every word you say Rose, and this is by all means what this Island is becoming, young girls are resorting to whatever means necessary to feed their addictions that are no longer just Highs, they are trying to relieve the pain of it all. I have many young people I know that would of or will end up like this if someone doesn't step in and try to help them help themselves. They are literally powerless unless they are given the opportunity to get proper treatment. If our MLA'S can help, I very much wish they would start immediately.

    3. Thank you, Donna. I think it is hard for people to grasp, especially when it is all hidden. I wish it wasn't real, but it is sadly.

  6. Get real there itd so true many young girls are doing it for drugs itsso sad

  7. They are there,maybe not on the street corners,but they are being used and violated...and it is sad..whether it is for money or drugs they are victims of a broken system.

  8. Very sad that this exists in Charlottetown and elsewhere on PEI.

  9. I thought most working girls were like just paying their way through law or medical school or something like that?


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