Saturday, 28 September 2013

With love, Opiate

With Love, Opiate
By: Rose Barbour 

I have never been so popular
So important and grand
I have never been so involved
With youth across this great land.

I started out as a simple pill
That would take away great pain
As I was hailed a hero and celebrated
My makers saw gain.

This was the beginning of my rise
And the start of your fall
Billions of dollars were made
While I hooked you all.

I hooked you in my web
Of lies and deceit
I made you trust me
While people died at your feet.

You trusted in my greatness
Said those people were weak
They could stop if they wanted to
Their morals were bleak.

I was a good thing you said
For pains of all type
You bought into the marketing
And all of the hype.

Those who I hooked
Would try to speak out
To warn you of my dangers
But you were devout.

You would not listen to them,
They were not raised right
They were bad people
Who deserved this fight.

Did they not choose me?
Why do they not quit?
You underestimate my power
Although it is legit.

I enjoy your partnership
As I spread across the land
I couldn’t do it without you
I hope you understand.

I want you to know
That you are the best
Thank you for your support
To Hell with the rest.

As people turn a blind eye
To my devastating ways
I will continue to grow
In surprising ways.

I destroy the young
I destroy the old
I destroy communities
But I am not cold.

I take care of my friends
Making them lots of money
That you side with me
Is rather funny.

Because I cost you money
Each and every day
As you pay for my destruction
Every step of the way.

Your courts, your jails
Your hospitals too
I cost them all
Many thanks to you.

Without your support
I could not win
Without your support
The trouble I’d be in.

Your neighbours would get well
and try to break free
But don’t worry, they can’t get past
Our team - you and me.

I know that you will keep those who I ravish
Hidden in shame
You will never let them forget
That they are to blame.

While I steal their lives
Their families, their health
You’ll shake your head                     
While I roll in wealth.

They won’t dare say a word
With your judging eyes
They won’t dare ask for help
While you shame their cries.

With the silence brought on
By your judging words
I‘ll seek out more victims
Their cries barely heard.

The people who could destroy me
With a solid action plan
Will invest in other things
Not his fellow man.

Your indifference, your stigma
Your judging, your hate
Have allowed me to flourish
Far from Heaven’s gate.

Now I have grown
Beyond my wildest dreams
I will continue to prosper
Or so it seems.

I have so many to thank
For my continued success
From the bottom of my heart
Thank you - you're the best.

I couldn’t have done it without you
The destruction, the deaths
The stigma, the shame,
The silence, the quest.

Please keep yourself uninformed,
And your judging eyes turned on,
I have great plans for glory
If you help me along.

You’ll have many opportunities
To stand by my side
As I ravish your young people
And destroy many lives.

Just keep placing blame
Their parents, their homes,
This will ensure silence
While I continue to roam.

Well, I have to run
I spotted a teen all alone
On the schoolyard close
To his family home.

He looks like a nice kid
From a fairly good place
While they are the greatest challenge
With me no one is safe.

I will introduce him
To my charming ways
He’ll love me forever
Until  the end of his days.

So, until next time
It is good-bye to you
My friend, my partner
My dream come true.

Hey there kid.....

With love,

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