Monday, 19 May 2014

A Tribute To Sage Capozzi

 A Tribute to Sage Capozzi

By: Rose Barbour

His name is Sage
And I’ve never met him
But he opened my eyes
To the devastation.

Before I knew his name
Or heard his story
My life was in chaos
And full of worry.

I knew my son was sick
And on the wrong path
I was fighting like crazy
To get him back.

Along came Carmen
Full of grief
He’d lost his son, Sage
To this awful beast.

My heart broke for Carmen
And all the others
Who had to bury their children,
Fathers or mothers.

The reality of addiction
Reduced me to tears
Our children need help now
They don’t have years.

At the tender age of 20
Sage lost his life
Carmen started an Army
To take up the fight.

Sage, your memory will live on
As the Army reaches out
In your name, lives will be saved
There is no doubt.

You have a special place
Even though we’ve never met
Your death was not in vain
And the fight isn’t over yet!

Written with love for Sage, Carmen and family. Carmen is living my worst nightmare. He is the first parent I knew who lost a child to the disease. I was so sad for him. I was heartbroken that a nice young man like Sage lost his life to the terrible disease of addiction. That is why this family, who I’ve never met, will always be forever in my heart!  Please join the Army at

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