Saturday, 17 May 2014

Never give up!

I am so happy to tell you that our son is now seven months in recovery and doing great! His recovery is a gift and we are so grateful for it. One day at a time.

Recovery is what we prayed for. We wanted for nothing else. We had our boy back.  But, we would receive another gift this week when he was accepted into Holland College’s carpentry program. This news just put us over the moon.

When he called me at work to tell me, I screamed, cried, shook, told my co-workers, and then closed my door and jumped up and down and cried some more happy tears. What a blessing!

Of course, then I shared the good news with everyone else who has supported us in our difficult journey. It felt good to tell them and offer hope.

This time last year, we thought we were going to lose our son to the disease. He was at his lowest point. He was suicidal. He was turned away at the hospital because he was addicted. The addictions centre wouldn’t take him because he was suicidal. He was stuck with no options. He was desperate. He was tired of living! His text messages that day say it all:

“You don’t need to do anything for me because I’ll be dead by the end of the day. Love you”

“Oh well, no one wants to help me so I don’t care anymore”

Thankfully, he (and we) made it through that rough and heart-wrenching time.

This journey through addiction is hard. The pain brought me to my knees and made me physically ill.  I would have given my own life to save my son but God doesn’t make deals.

As family members, we have no idea where the journey will lead and we have no control over it.  Mike and I thought for sure that we would have to bury our son. His addiction was advanced and the help was inadequate to that point. I even had his funeral planned in my head.

He would suffer another five months before being offered adequate enough treatment and support. When it came, he found recovery. Now, he is healthy, happy and making great plans for the future.

If you are living the nightmare of addiction, please do not ever give up hope. Recovery is possible and it is a beautiful gift.  Where there is life, there is hope.



  1. Wonderful news for you and your family! All the best to your son - hope he really enjoys his training!

    1. Thank you! He (and we) is really excited about it. We are very grateful.


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