Sunday, 15 June 2014

Daddy, I Love You

Daddy, I Love You

By: Rose Barbour

What a precious child
She’s a gift from above
When I first saw her
I fell in love.

On that day I made a promise
To always protect her
She’s my little girl
Oh my God, I love her.

I protected her from bugs
And little worries in her head
I protected her from monsters
Living under the bed.

I fixed bicycles and wagons
Scooters and dolls
I tended to fevers
And the occasional fall.

She was happy and safe
As every little girl should be
The world would be her oyster
Just wait and see.

But there came a day
When things started to change
My little girl became distant
And was acting strange.

She no longer wanted to spend time
Doing the things we enjoyed
She was always in her room
What was wrong? Was it a boy?

I could feel it in my gut
Things just weren’t right
She wouldn’t talk to me
It was always a fight.

One day I found the problem
In a drawer in her room
A bottle of pills...Oh my God
This can’t be true.

No please, not my girl
With such promise and hope
Not my precious girl
Dear God, NO!

Addiction has claimed her
It is scary and real
My sweet little girl
Why can’t you feel?

Let daddy’s arms embrace you
Take away the pain
We can overcome anything
Just trust me again.

Take my hand and let me lead
So that all will be well
Let daddy do his job
And get you out of this hell.

“Daddy, I love you
But this is mine to fix
I need serious help from others
With your love thrown in the mix.

I am still your little girl
That will never change
I am just lost right now
It is all very strange.

Enough about me
You deserve a good day
Give your mind a rest
And let your worries melt away.

You are the best a girl could ask for
With your loving ways
I will always love you, daddy
Happy Father’s Day.”

Dedicated to all the dads on this journey who tend to be quieter, but who hurt just as much.


  1. Thanks,Rose.I love this.This hits so close to home.

    1. You are welcome, my friend! I wanted to write something for the dads today who also hurt. I also wanted to include daughters. I always write about mothers and sons because that is my experience. I am so glad you enjoyed it. I was nervous to try something new! :)


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