Sunday, 6 July 2014

She's Tired Dear Lord

So many of us reach a point of depression as we deal with the constant daily stress of a loved one’s addiction. I was no exception. I hit my rock bottom a couple of years ago. I was exhausted and out of hope. I had no idea how to save my son.

I wrote a poem about that dark experience in my life.  It was painful to relive it, but I knew that so many others would be able to relate. It was my hope that it would bring comfort and understanding. Here is the link to the poem, if you are interested.  

A fellow parent, who also has a child struggling with addiction, asked for permission to turn my poem into a song. What he created is absolutely beautiful and heartfelt. I wrote it from the heart and he sang it from the heart. After all, we live this journey with addiction every day. I am so pleased to share it with you. We hope that you will love it, too! 

"She's Tired Dear Lord"


PS: This was the second beautiful song that Jeff created based on my poetry. Here is the link to the first one called "The Heart of a Mother" if you would like to hear it.

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