Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Bridge

The Bridge
By: Rose Barbour

Addiction is killing her boy
But she’s told to let go
How can she do that?
She does not know.

In the midst of her pain
With all the tears
She reads about a bridge
And it eases her fears.

She can picture it there
Leading from darkness to light
Taking them to a better place
Where hope shines bright.

She knows they won’t make it
In this place of grief and despair
She wants him to leave with her
But he is too unaware.

He can’t see the bridge
Though she tries to show him
He can’t imagine such a place
Where hope keeps on growing.

To help him to see
She has to try something new
Crossing the bridge
Feels like the right thing to do.

This will be a leap of faith
Unlike any other
It tears at the heart strings
Of his loving mother.

As she crosses the bridge
She prays he will join her
She encourages him daily
To please come on over.

When he finally arrived
Her heart was full of love
She looked to the skies
And thanked God above.

Written by: Rose Barbour
Poem inspired by Melody Beattie’s daily reflection called “Letting Go of Those Not In Recovery”, which helped me to understand what letting go actually means.

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