Monday, 25 August 2014

The Power We Possess

The Power We Possess
By: Rose Barbour

You insidious beast,

I want to rip your heart out just like you did with mine but I can’t, and you know it. You reside inside my child who I love more than life itself. To physically destroy you is to physically destroy him. That keeps you safe.

When you first reared your ugly head, we didn’t know anything about opiate addiction. We believed you to be a choice that our son was making, and that when he grew out of the youthful phase of experimentation and risk taking, he would be done with you. We were wrong. We had no idea that you were altering his brain in such a significant way. We underestimated your power.

We tried to help our son who was losing everything to you. Nothing seemed to work. You were in complete control. You brought him to places that we never thought any of our children would go, and you brought us to our knees. We thought he was going to die. We had never endured so much pain. We had never felt so powerless.

You worked our son like a puppet on a string; turning him into a lost soul, barely existing in the world. You were certainly very powerful, and not like anything we’d ever faced before. Our love alone was not going to be enough. We needed to try something new or we were going to lose him. You had claimed so many lives already. We were scared and desperate.

The first thing we did was learn everything that we could about you, our greatest enemy. Like any good Generals going into battle, we needed to know exactly what we were up against. Make no mistake. It was a battle for our child’s life and we could not afford to lose it. In our search for information, we learned a lot.

We discovered that we were not as powerless as we thought we were. We had options that would be helpful and effective. They involved making changes in our lives, not our son’s, though he would eventually benefit. When we figured it all out, we became better at dealing with you.  

I’m sure that you hated the changes that we made, especially when you lost your power to wreak havoc on our emotions. Our decisions about our son became well thought out, not emotionally charged. This helped him, not you.

We learned other things, too, and each one helped to weaken your grip on our son. Eventually, he found recovery and is now enjoying life once again. Our family is one of the lucky ones.

Sadly, many people have lost their loved ones to you despite their best efforts, knowledge and love. I have no idea why some escape your grip while others don’t. I am thankful that our son is alive.  

Of course, we know that you are quietly waiting for the opportunity to resurface. We know how you work. You’ll show up at his weakest moments, trying to tempt him back into your world with all of your false promises. Unfortunately, we can’t stop you from doing that.

If you do happen to succeed in reclaiming our son, we will be there to fight the battle once again, this time knowing from the very beginning the power we possess. We won’t be wasting any energy in trying to control our son this time around. No, we will save all of our energy for you!


  1. Yeah Babeee !!!
    Taking away the power that we "ARE" in control of possible !! One way of doing this is by becoming healthier ourselves..Or it takes us also..You can cut down the damage by healing..educating..supporting..advocating..Addiction thrives on those who give up hope..never give up hope..Nor allow your children to give up hope..It might be a long road till they find the right path for them..But don't let them give up..Well Said Rose..xo

    1. yes, we have more power than we realize, but it looks different than what we originally thought if should look like. When we discover where it lies, we get healthier and, if we are lucky, so do our children!

    2. Thank you for posting this. It is comforting to know that another human being knows what it is like to have their child taken hostage by drugs. I will never give up hope!

  2. I never gave up and our family is seeing the person behind the addiction. It is wonderful to have our daughter back. It was a struggle and alot of tears, hard work and lots of disappointments but I would do it all over again if I had too. Hopefully not. Thank you for your inspiring daily posts and reading. They have saved me so I can do what needs to be done daily. Hugs to you Rose.

    1. I am so happy to hear about your daughter! That is wonderful news! Thank you for sharing AND for reading my posts!


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