Saturday, 9 August 2014

Hell of a Road

Hell of a Road

By: Rose Barbour

It’s been one hell of a road
Dealing with addiction all these years
A life she didn’t ask for
Filled with heartbreak and tears.

Experts say it is a disease
That needs to be treated as such
Others say it isn’t
And they don’t like her son very much.

Many look down on him
As if he is a waste of space
Let him die if he wants to
Make the world a better place.

How would the world be better
If her son’s beautiful soul was gone
While the people with hate in their hearts
Are still carrying on?

Today, is a new day, though
As she drives to pick him up
At the local treatment centre
Where he’s spent the past month.

It’s been a while since she’s seen him
So full of promise and hope
But the power of addiction is strong
She hopes he can cope.

She is happy but guarded
Knowing that only time will tell
She never wants them to go back
To that life of hell.

A few weeks pass
He is making great strides
She encourages his new lifestyle
With a heart full of pride.

He started a new job
Has money to spend
Is thinking about his future
And making healthy friends.

She has just begun to feel hopeful
But now she’s seeing signs
Her boy has relapsed
She is going out of her mind.

Damn the disease
That has stole her child
Will he ever break free?
Her emotions run wild.

With a heavy heart
She has a good cry
The disease can’t win
The stakes are too high.

She’ll try to talk to him
That’s all she can do
There are no guarantees
And that’s the cold hard truth.

Written by: Rose Barbour

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