Sunday, 16 February 2014

Treatment without gaps; a wonderful result

Our son is enjoying his new life in recovery. He has truly turned a new page in his life.

He works all day and spends his nights and weekends at home with family.

He buys all of his necessities and loves that he can do that now.

He pays room and board and, much to our surprise, even gives extra because he can and he wants to.

He treats his family to dinner almost every payday because it makes him feel good.

He tends to things around the house because he likes to help out.

He manages his cravings by doing something to take his mind off of them.

He does not want to go back to the life of hell.

Yes, our son is enjoying all that life has to offer.

He is constantly expressing his gratitude and how good it feels to be clean.

Life is good!

By getting the treatment he needed, he was given a new lease on life.

Every person should have this opportunity to get well. Every. Single. Person.

Our son is in this wonderful place because he finally got the treatment that he needed and has been asking for. He was on the waiting list for two years. That was a very long two years for him and us.

There were no gaps between his detox and his treatment this time. It was seamless.

To improve his odds of a successful recovery even more, my son also got into an aftercare program at The Reach Foundation shortly after treatment. He was so lucky to get into their first group. It is an amazing place with amazing people. Through the Foundation, he is gainfully employed and learning new work and life skills. His recovery is the priority and he is fully supported in attending appointments and meetings. He is also surrounded by positive adult role models as well as peers who are also in recovery.

We are truly fortunate to have an aftercare program like The Reach Foundation in Stratford. It is new and I have no doubt that it will grow across the Island with the proper investment from government, the business community, and Islanders.

I thank God each and every day for my son’s recovery. I also thank the folks at Mt. Herbert (Dr. Ling, in particular), the good people who started The Reach Foundation (Janice Coady, Cheryl Roche, and Verna Ryan), government for investing in addiction treatment last fall (much more needs to be done please), and everyone else who had a role to play in my son’s recovery!

Most of all, I would like to thank my son for his courage in this fight with addiction and for his love, kindness and beautiful smile that make the years of hell fade away from memory.  

I want this for every family. We have to do more. It is up to our government to invest our money into addiction treatment and aftercare programs so that people have a chance to get well. This is a healthcare issue that has a tremendous impact on society if not addressed. For every $1 spent on addiction treatment, $12 is saved in other areas including healthcare and justice. This is a good, sound investment that needs to be made immediately. Lives depend on it.


PS: Anyone wanting more information on The Reach Foundation can contact Janice at 620-0000 or


  1. Glad he is doing so good!

  2. Rose I could not be happier for your son..and of course your whole family!!! This is exactly what we want for each & every person battling Addiction!! Huggs to you all..It is a family Disease..But it also a Family Celebration when our loved ones get that seamless treatment they deserve!!
    I will continue to fight for that same treatment for those over 24..It is not there yet :(

    1. Thanks Mamma! And, I am right there beside you fighting for equal treatment for all!

  3. Rose, I missed this last week and just catching up on my readings. I am happy for you and your son and family . This is what I have been asking for the last two years. A place for my daughter to go once she leaves detox , so she does not have to go back to her drug friends.(Not really friends) and finally last September she was able to get a room for herself and be clean and take care of herself. But it two years for this to happen and this had taken her out of the lives of her two children for that time as well. We need somewhere for our addicted children to go and learn how to live again. I hope and pray everyday that we will have more facilities like the one in Stratford so when the addict is ready to make a change and reach out for help they can. We feel very proud of our daughter but she still has a lot of healing to do and I hope and pray that one day she will be the Mom that she can be. Until then I am saving her children for her. Thanks again Rose for all you do for us.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I am so happy that your daughter is in the healing/recovery process as well. I wish her and all of you the very best. Your grandchildren are very fortunate to have you for love and stability while their mom gets better! It is my dream that recovery will be possible for every family. It will take the proper treatment and after care to make it happen. We'll get there one day.


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