Friday, 9 May 2014

Tribute to Mother Warriors

She will not receive a visit
Her telephone won’t ring
Another mother warrior
Feeling the sting.

Addiction stole her child
His sparkle all but gone
Another mother warrior
Wondering what went wrong.

With love as deep as the ocean
And a lot of faith
Another mother warrior
Prays and waits.

In a jail cell he sits
At home she weeps
Another mother warrior
With a child in deep.

To a grave site she goes
A weekly visit and cry
Another mother warrior
Wanting to die.

A mother to a grandchild
She fills that role
Another mother warrior
Protecting a young soul.

She sees the signs
A relapse is here
Another mother warrior
Living in fear.

Cautiously optimistic
She listens to his plans
Another mother warrior
Praying for her young man.

Colour in his cheeks
A smile on his face
Another mother warrior
Every moment she’ll embrace.

Living with pain
That is deep and true
Another mother warrior
Helps her family through.

Deserving of this time
To let your worries float away
YOU are a mother warrior
Each and every day!

~Rose Barbour


  1. Happy Mother's Day, Rose. You are a true warrior Mom! Mother's Day is a tough one for a lot of reasons... but mostly because as mothers, we want to protect our children and once they are dealing with addiction, that is not possible. I used to pray that I could make it through Mother's Day without any "events" so I could at least remember the day without drama, arguments or worry. Today, however, is a different story... both of my children are receiving treatment and are in recovery. My youngest gave me a card today that has the words "Growing up, we may not see just how much sacrifice, worry and love goes into being a parent. But eventually, we begin to realize what it takes to raise a child." I was so touched. I feel so grateful and hopeful. Happy Mother's Day to all Warrior Moms!!!

    1. Happy Mother's Day! I am so happy that your children are receiving treatment. What a treasure that card is!

      My son is doing great too and we are so happy. We had our children and grandchildren with us for the day. All healthy and happy. It was a perfect day.


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