Friday, 27 June 2014

A Beautiful Gift

A Beautiful Gift

 By: Rose Barbour

It didn’t come wrapped in a package
With a pretty little bow
But the gift of her son’s recovery
Has set her heart aglow.

So beautiful and fragile
It required special care
One little slip and it may end
Of that, she was aware.

She gently encouraged him
That child she dearly loves
As the hours turned into days
And the days turned into months.

It’s all she ever wanted
To have her boy back home
Her heart is filled with gratitude
For the strength that he has shown.

She wasn’t sure he’d make it
Back from the depths of hell
His addiction was killing him
And it was claiming her as well.

The nightmare has ended
At least for today 
Living one day at a time
She lets her worries slip away.

This gift of recovery
Brings an amazing feeling of joy
Thank you, God, for giving her
Back her beautiful boy. 

They do recover! As of this writing, my son is 8 months into his recovery. A beautiful gift, indeed!


  1. So happy for 'YOU' and your 'FAMILY' Rose ��

    1. Thank you! It is truly a wonderful gift. I want this for every family that is suffering. :)

    2. Rose what a beautiful poem. I will be printing this off for our daughter. We have been given the same gift. We have had a wonderful nine months and it keeps on getting better. She is realizing everything she has missed , especially her children. Still taking each day as it is and cherish every moment. I also would like to share this beautiful gift with all of those familes and children who are living what I call a nightmare. I will pray for them to receive this gift.

    3. I am so happy to hear about your daughter's recovery. That is so wonderful. My best wishes to all of you!


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